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This site is dedicated to my obsession with the animes I have seen. It all started with Saiyuki ^_^. I mean the collection, not my first seen anime. (that might have been Voltron..)
Saiyuki sketch count= ??
I almost have enough to make my own episode -_-#

(Abbreviations--just in case!)
(GS: Gensoumaden Saiyuki)
(SR: Saiyuki Reload)
(SDK: Samurai Deeper Kyo)
(IY or Inu: InuYasha)
(FMA: Full-Metal Alchemist)
(DB/Z: Dragonball and Dragonball Z)

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News & Updates

12/14/2010OKAY! I am back & ready to go! First off, bad news. I lost on my She-Ra auctions. whaa. Means more cash for Christmas though! :D I do have stuff to add. Will try to do that Wednesday. Hoping for at least a seasonal update.
12/14/2010Okay - for those of you that tuned in to "Okuni's Requiem" - tune out! I am closing it. Thanks admin guys for keeping this open for me! ^_^
2/19/2008...geez. Am I lazy or what?
To those who read this- I moved for the holidays, but now I'm back home. But I will make no promises! That way, we are all happy, right? ^_^;

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DragonBall Z 10/27/2007
Fan Cels 12/19/2010
Fushigi Yuugi 4/1/2006
Genga/Douga/Sketches 5/11/2006
InuYasha 11/26/2005
NightWalker 6/30/2006
Other Cels 5/11/2006
Saiyuki 5/11/2006
Saiyuki -- Goku the Monkey King 12/19/2010
Saiyuki -- Kougaiji The Demon Prince 1/27/2006
Vampire Hunter D/ Bloodlust 4/13/2006

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