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Goku vs. Brolli
Source: Movie
Layers: 2
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Added 11/26/2005
Updated 8/10/2006
Layer numbers:B3, 33. From the first Brolli movie. The white paint lines are just to show forward movement.

heh heh..Goku gets smashed.
Nah, I like Goku.
From the scene where Brolli comes running like a freight train at Goku and Trunks.He clotheslines the both of them and runs to the other end of the building, smashing both against the cement wall.
This cel proves that I love some things too much. I spent a good 15 minutes to pin-point the exact millisecond of film this cel occurs in. Notice how Goku's pupil turned into a star? That's one of my favorite things about this cel!
As for the movie itself, I had waited since 2000 (when I first heard about it) until it's release in the States (2004, I think) and I was not disappointed. Great movie. All must watch it!

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