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VHD:1985 orig and VHD: Bloodlust were based on two novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi. Bloodlust was adapted from "Demon Deathcase". Of course, like all adaptions, the movies did change things. Unfortunately, in the original, things had been drastically changed. Two of the major points is Doris IS NOT A BLONDE. She's more like a dark haired French lass and a spitfire and wears t-shirt and jeans. D is MUCH more verbal in the novels. If you love the series, I recommend the novels more.
As for art...Bloodlust does have superior cels but I love the campy classic look to the original ^_^.

 profile of D


 over the river... ^_^

 after the carriage

 D & his steed

 Flicking pebbles on the road of life...

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