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Fable 3
last modified: Sunday, December 19, 2010 (3:34:50 PM CST)
yeah.. just two items uploaded. It's hard to get good images of cels with a digital camera.

SO- I've been playing F3 for a little while now and... it's pretty boring. :( Maybe I'm still in the opening hour. At the same time, it doesn't feel as free as the first two. And the character maker? [FYI - you could design a 'personal' character for the game] Isn't as hot as one might think. Granted the clothing choice is large, but the faces aren't. At first, I thought this would be like a friend or footman that would follow you around where-ever you might go, but no. You meet them at whatever town you chose in the creation process and they send you on a quest. That's it. Unless you decide to make the person fall in love with you, then you could attempt to marry them. Still, that's a limited option. Now, don't get me wrong - I know computer AI has limited potential. The way the personal character was advertised, though, made me think there would be more. Did the advertisement lie? No - but it did lead to conjecture and expectations that could not be met!
Well, anyways, I made a character; Ginerva, and dressed her in a pink/red pirate outfit. The outfit is really cute! ^_^
apparently I cannot link photobucket to this site for images. I would've liked to share a couple screen shots.
But... I can still share a link, right? :)
And feel free to borrow the avatars if you want to!
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The long & windy road
last modified: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 (3:23:36 AM CST)
It leads me back to your door.
It's been a long while. I had some personal issues, but don't we all? And even though I know this place does have it's drama, I still love it and this hobby.
Thanks again to those that have welcomed me back in Anime-Beta. I hope I get to know some of the new collectors too. I promise I will not get upset at anybody that outbids me. Let's face it - if I get out bid on one thing, that means I have more money for the next thing!! ;) lol! Over the last few years, I think I learned how to laugh again and where to put my priorities. Granted, I still don't have much money, but I'm working on changing that.

So, as I put in the news section, my short lived new gallery; Okuni's Requiem; is now closed. I would delete it if I knew how. I'm much happier with this gallery...everything works! (i think.)
I do have some stuff to upload. It will be digital photos though. I finally took a sledgehammer to that 3in1. Just hang tight!
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Stardate 2081110
last modified: Monday, November 10, 2008 (5:28:03 AM CST)
just making a blip here.

Last cel I bought was my favoritest SSJ Goku cel.
..which I still need to upload.

Why haven't I?
Two reasons:
1) I am now addicted to facebook. It has become my new best friend. :P (if you care to join me, look for 'regina shumaker'. And mention rubberslug, please.)

2) I am still having "I hate you issues" with our all-in-one. I have gone into full tilt boycotting of using it as a scanner. As a printer, it's okay- BUT THAT'S IT!

So, that's part of my predictamint. Add I can no longer afford even the cheapest cel because of hours cut at work and living expenses, I have basically fell out of the entire loop of any cel going-ons.
And, by golly! Do I miss it!

In case I get busy with other things:
I wish everyone a Happy Turkey day! Enjoy all that stuffing, berries & bird. ^_^

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I'm forgetful! (update news)
last modified: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 (2:35:01 PM CST)
heh heh... ^_^;;

I've had those three sketches sitting in my computer's memory for at least six months now and NEVER bothered to upload 'em!

Not because of laziness, but I really did forget until today-- when I was actually thinking about 'em.
I'm silly. :3
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Lo! Long time, not say a thing.
last modified: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 (9:33:05 AM CST)
I have good reasons for lurking-- Really, I do! Anyways,I've been thinking on my position of cel collecting. I still like getting these things, but..I haven't been actively buying for over a year. I still have a few to upload to the site, but (as my previous blog says) I not technically advanced enough for my 3-in-1. -_-;;

One thing for certain- I would like to par down my collection. Here's the list of what will definitely stay:
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Vampire Hunter D
-Animals (new category!)

Fan art/cels will also stay up because I have seen some very good work out there.
I'm also keeping a few random cels-My first cel(it's like your fist car) and the shirtless cel in Dragon Knight... mmM, man candy! XD

As for the rest-
It's fair game. I like it, but feel cluttered by it. So, if anyone is interested in it- *hint hint*- an e-mail would be appreciated.

On the upside: I finally have a Roy(FMA) sketch!! And I do mean sketch; I don't think it was used in production even though it is on the studio paper(Bones).
I have also seen another perfect cel. It is expensive, so I really have to consider if I should get it. I really like it, I do have the money for it, I will probably not have this opportunity again for awhile BUT-- I need a better car and my mom & I are considering moving to a better apartment- without my stepfather.
On one hand, I can walk to work from my current house and winter's coming, so do I really want to jeopardize a nicer looking car to the nutties that appear in winter? (And why is it they only really show up then?) As for the apartment dealie, well, that's a tougher decision. I have limited cash; it was a windfall from a scratch ticket but not HUGE.

^_^; I'm feeling like a spoiled brat right now. Because I have that "I want it! IWANTIT!" *with jumping & stomping of feet* brat thing going.
..It would be SOOOO nice to have in my collection, though.

I'm going to think about it more.
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last modified: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 (5:17:16 PM CST)
Ever since Christmas, we've had this 3-in-1 thing: copier, scanner, printer. And the SCANNER is the worst frickin', most complicated thing I could imagine! We installed the software, right, but it's almost impossible for me to figure out how to use it proper! It's not like the other scanner I had--point, click, done (teh happi!). NOOOOO....I have to do a whole LIST of things before even getting to upload to a website! And by then, I'm too ticked to even care about uploading! And my family wonders why my hair's always falling out.. -_-* sigh.
As it stands, I have some Saiyuki, SDK, Black Blood Brothers (yes!), Kyo-chan and (i think) Micheal from TnN to add. I blame the evil 3-in-1.
I think I'll just buy a digital camera and upload that way.
[sorry for the rant. I had to vent]
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A Lurker speaks
last modified: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 (7:49:18 AM CST)
hrmm..Not sure how many here actually know/remember me. A handful? Eh, s'okay. I haven't posted in so long. Mostly because I really haven't had anything going on so interesting to be cel related. Except my brother taking back his scanner. -_-#
I do have a few new pieces to add, but no way to do so. Unless I break into bro's apartment; which I'm sure he wouldn't like.

Well, despite all this, another reason I haven't posted here in a while is because I've been blabbing more here:
and (especially) here:
So, I really don't feel like spouting in this blog. But it's okay because I'm sure some people don't want to hear it.
And a friend gave me a link to crunchyroll.com, so I've been watching lots of anime-- like watch the entire Soul Society arc from Bleach before Cartoon Network airs it. *^__^* AND! I get to watch Blood Brothers *squee!* and Japanese music videos!

As it is the holiday, I should have put up a Christmas wallpaper here but I'm just not in a holiday mood. The year went by too fast and I'm just a little down right now. I feel like I'm in a "Catch 22". I have a -very- low paying job, but feel my car isn't very reliable. This limits me to potential other jobs-- as in: I can only get a job within my town limits, in case the car breaks down. One problem has been fixed; a corrided cable from the battery to the starter, which was causes the durn thing to stall while driving down the street. Now I'm worried it might have a headgasket problem. It's running rough-- not that that's an indication of such a problem. And the car is 16 years old. *sigh* Well, at least I've had it for nearly 2 years now and it does still get me to work.
What makes me the most sad, right now, isn't the stress of Christmas (I've finished my shopping) but that a major wishlist cel has shown up and I don't have the money for it. My collection is small-series wise- as is, so I'm not going to attempt to sell any pieces. The wish cel is $300; I'm not even contacting the seller because I'm not sure when I could possible have the money available. Even if the was a payment plan worked out. Unless I win the lottery...I can pretty much only oogle the online pic of the cel. Then again, I've been having a good year in the lottery. Not so good I'm gonna put my trust in it though! That would be crazy!
How much have I won, you ask? I would say about $500, but it wasn't all at once. It was more like once every three months - and I've already hit on a scratch ticket this month. Maybe I'll try Keno. If I guess 5 numbers out of 20, I win $450; more than enough for my wish.

Good Luck to me, then! *crosses fingers*

One last note: Has anyone decided if they are attending Anime Boston this year?
I will be going at least one day. And I will be dressed as an actually anime character this time! (last year, I kinda half-arsed it) I've decided to go as Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach. Rukia's stiff, law-abiding brother and captain of the 6th Squad. I'm debating on dying my hair black or simply buying a wig. A wig might be the better idea, but it's always more fun to play around with new hair styles! One thing, though, I'm not sure what exactly those things are in his hair. It kinda looks like tin foil. 0_o

all for now.
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